Dr. Rosen is a colon and rectal surgeon at the Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  He has recently changed the location of his office and is now located on site at the Peter Lougheed Centre.  His practice has not otherwise changed.

This website serves two purposes. First, to provide basic information about Dr. Rosen’s practice and what you should know when being cared for by him.  The second purpose is to provide basic information about common diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.

Please note that the usual disclaimers apply about the information on this website.  The material provided here is for information purposes only. Please do not attempt to diagnose or treat yourself without guidance from a physician knowledgeable in this area.



Dr.  Wayne Rosen 

Clinical Assistant Professor

Department of Surgery

Peter Lougheed Centre

3500 26th Ave NE

Calgary, AB

T1Y 6J4

Tel: 403-943-4612

Fax: 403-219-3574

Office hours:  9:00-1:00 daily

Welcome to the website of  Wayne Rosen MD MSc FRCS(C) FASCRS

Specialist in Colon and Rectal Surgery